Love @ the Ale House

7 Feb

Front Parlor’s Anniversary!

One year ago Front Parlor began at Holmes & Watson in Troy.  Immediately outgrowing the space of that inaugural event, FP moved to the Ale House. We’ve been gathering monthly to publicly share stories ever since. We’ve endured and celebrated, laughed ’til it hurt, and cringed in empathy.  There have been epic tales of gorilla sex, tattoos gone wrong, malfunctioning bladders, psychotropics, summer camp, and trench warfare, as well as quieter tales that weave a collective narrative of our (sometimes painful and often funny) humanity. Come celebrate the anniversary by lending your ears, words, and tales.


Yep. That dreaded day of utterly unattainable expectation has arrived.  We’ll get through this together. Publicly display your affection (for anything or anyone) at Front Parlor next Tuesday.  The theme, as always, is to be interpreted as you see fit.  Love hurts, rocks, endures, disappoints, or just is.  It’s your tale to tell.

February 14, 2012

7:30 – 9:30 pm at the Ale House
(680 River Street, Troy)

THEME: “Love”

FLASH PROMPT: “Who wrote the book of love?”

Arrive early to ensure a seat at a table if you’re ordering dinner. Arrive early to ensure a seat, period.

See you on Tuesday!

Same rules:
– MC (me) will collect names of volunteer tellers, raconteurs, hams, and intrepid first-timers before we begin
– Tellers have 5 minutes to tell a true story (truth validated only by you, unless you bring witnesses and collaborators)
– No notes
– No props

**New feature: you may throw your name in the can, digitally, by commenting on this post that you would like to tell your tale.

But don’t give it up here! Leave us suspended.

The prompt for “Flash Nonfiction” will be posted on the day prior to the Front Parlor event. If folks want to contribute flash nonfiction here, well, we’ll read those aloud with the rest of the anonymous ditties.

Questions, concerns, or the need for encouragement? Email. (abblub[at]

…and as always, listening is an act of love.

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