Two Front Parlor Events This Week!

19 Nov

Photo Jun 18, 9 26 47 AM
Maybe you’re a regular attendee, or maybe you’ve only been once. Maybe you’ve never experienced a live storytelling event, and you’re curious. Whatever category you fall into, this is your chance to have the Front Parlor experience on both sides of the Hudson River two days in a row! Can you handle it?!

Join host Tim Dawkins tonight in downtown Albany starting at 7:30 PM at The Olde English Pub at 25 Quackenbush Square (just one block away from the Palace Theater)  for “A Family Affair: Stories about the important people in our lives (biological or not).”

Photo Jun 18, 8 27 35 AM

Tomorrow night head on over to The Ale House at 680 River St. in Troy to join host Abby Lublin, the person who got this ball rolling in our area so many months ago, starting at 7:30 PM for “Pooped (interpret as you will).”

Photo Jun 12, 9 44 57 AMPhoto Jun 12, 9 57 55 AM

Remember, these events depend on you. Without an audience, live storytelling is just some weird guy standing in front of a microphone talking to himself. So bundle up, hop in your preferred form of personal transportation, and join us on this train as it leaves the station. Telling a story is not required. We like good listeners, too! And bring friend. We’re continually trying to grow these events (especially Albany), and you are key in getting the word out.

Photo Jun 12, 8 33 05 AM

We hope to see you there. You never know who you’ll meet! I mean really….what else do you have to do on a Monday or Tuesday night in November?

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