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Advising Phew

7 May

May 2014 Events

Tuesday, May 13 @ The Ale House (Troy)
Hosted by Abby Lublin
7:30 – 9:30 pm
680 River Street
Theme: “Advice”

For some reason, humans think things that work for us will certainly work for someone else, as we’re all up in each other’s business.  At what point do we deem ourselves experts worthy of dispensing wisdom?  Next Tuesday, come tell or listen to stories about following someone’s advice to disastrous end.  Or particularly awkward unsolicited advice you received.  Or perhaps you advised someone else in a way you came to regret.  Or maybe, just maybe, you have a story about advice you wish you had received.  You’ll have a full room of willing listeners, come advise us.

* New rule: (ok, old rule, just enforced) 10 tellers.   10.  If you KNOW you want to tell a story (or even if you’re on the fence) and you will be late, please post a comment here to throw your name in the can.

Monday, May 19 The Olde English Pub (Albany)
Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk
7:30 – 9:30 pm
25 Quackenbush Square
Theme: “Close Call”

What would be different right now if only that one thing had or hadn’t happened? Consider a brush with fate that may have had lasting consequences, and come out and share your stories of near misses, and how things might have been.

Share widely.

If you’d like to throw your name in the can to tell a story, and you know you’ll be a lil’ late, post a comment here.

See you ’round the mic. And as always…

Listening is an act of love.