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November Events!

12 Nov

Tuesday, November 14 @ The Ale House in Troy

Hosted by Abby Norton-Levering
7:30 – 9:30 pm
680 River Street
Troy, New York 12180

Theme: “Enough”
Do you lay awake at night wondering if you are enough? Well, how much is enough? Maybe you’re fed up, “now that’s enough!” Enough what? Money, sex, power, beauty, sleep, heartbreak, marshmallows?

Stories of enough: striking the balance of accumulating and shedding, holding on and letting go. How many stories will be enough? Are there ever enough stories? Come share yours!

Monday, November 20 @ the Olde English Pub in Albany

Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk
7:30 – 9:30 pm
Quackenbush Square
683 Broadway
Albany, New York 12207

Theme: “Telling Tales – Stories about Stories”
This could get a little meta, but we’ve all told stories as a means of dealing with an issue in life. To try to get a discount, to ease a breakup, to make ourselves look good – we often tell stories for a reason. So this month, consider those times when you’ve used a story to try to do something besides just entertain. Then tell it in a way that will entertain 😉


Tuesday, November 21 @ Two Brews, Bennington, VT

Hosted by Forest Byrd
7:00 – 9:30 pm
Story Night at Two Brews
230 North Street
Bennington, Vermont 05201
Doors open at 7, Stories start at 7:30 Come early for a place to sit.

Theme: “Making Peace”
These days, peace in the outside world seems further and further out of reach. Our own personal experiences might be more telling. Tell about the laying down of arms, the olive branch, the surrender to the greater good or the fierce battle for an even playing ground. Peace is possible in our own lives, it may not be obvious so interpret how you will. 

True, no notes, no props. Event is recorded. It’s like the Moth Radio Hour, only in Vermont. Come for great dinner and stories.

Flash Non-fiction brought to you by Tap House 
‘Tell of a time you felt at ease or the world around you was that way. What caused it? Did something disrupt that peace?’