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December Events!

11 Dec

Please be advised The TROY event is cancelled this month. We’ll see you back at the Ale House in January!


Monday, December 18 @ The Old English Pub — 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk
OEP, 683 Broadway, Albany, New York 12207

Theme: “Getting Lucky”

Everybody gets lucky sometimes. We just don’t always get lucky when we need to get lucky. So consider those time when something good happened and things worked out. Did you know how lucky you were? Alternately, consider your bad luck – those times when it all just fell apart. Were you counting on that lucky break? Or did bad things just seem to materialize out of thin air?

Wildcard option: you could just talk about “getting lucky” 😉

Either way, it will be a great night to take a break from the holiday hubbub and enjoy some good food, drinks and stories…



Tuesday, December 19 @ Two Brews Cafe – doors open 7pm
Hosted by Forest Byrd
230 North St. Bennington VT

Theme: “Signs”

Craft a story about signs in your life. When has there been something that is just impossible to ignore and you had to follow it just to see what it was saying. Signs are all around, and they are different for every single one of us. Interpret however you see fit.