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February Events!

11 Feb


Theme: “Resolve”
Host: Mike DeSocio
Tuesday 2/13 @ 7:30 – The Ale House, 680 River Street, Troy
February 2018 marks seven years of the Front Parlor Series. To do anything for seven years is certainly an accomplishment, and it takes a certain amount of resolve. Tell us about a time you stuck it out. What gave you the determination to make it through? Alternatively, tell us story about giving up. Why did you lack the resolve to keep going?


Theme: “Power”
Host: Allison Continelli
Monday 2/19 @ 7:30 – The Olde English Pub, 683 Broadway, Albany
It’s been said that power corrupts. So being powerful is dangerous. But then again, so is being powerless…
How does power manifest in your life? Do you seek it? Fight it? Do you have a superpower? Or do you just leave power to those who want it more than you?
Whatever your relationship with it, think about a time when power was the defining factor – and bring that story to the Olde English for a night of stories on Power!