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September Storytelling Events!

4 Sep


Tuesday, September 4 @ The Ale House (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Ashok

Theme: “Fall”

Fall is the beginning of the school year. It’s also the end of Summer. There’s foliage and there’s apples. And pumpkin spiced lattes. While most people love this time of year, Ashok does not. He doesn’t like what comes after the fall.

Also, consider a more literal interpretation –  falling and picking yourself back up, falling  in love, or falling down a rabbit hole.


Monday, September 17 @ The Olde English Pub (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk

Theme: “Gettin’ Schooled”

Learning is important. We should always be learning. And while school is a great place to learn, not all learning happens in school (and not everything that happens in school is learning).What are your most important lessons? How did you learn them? The hard way?

Bring those stories down to the OEP Monday for a night of laughter and learning.