October Storytelling Events!

15 Oct


Monday, October 15 @ The Olde English Pub (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk

Theme: “Falling”

Why falling? Well, it’s fall. Leaf peeping, pumpkin spice and whatnot. There’s that. And then there is gravity, which left unattended will cause things to fall. But really what we want to get at is that things fall apart.

Mostly we’re trying to keep them together, but then there is that moment when they start falling, coming apart, unravelling in our hands.

This month we explore those moments…



Tuesday, October 9 @ The Ale House (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Zan Strumfeld

Theme: “Shangri La”

The Kinks sang about it. James Hilton described it as earthly paradise. Samuel Taylor Coleridge called it Xanadu. Shangri-La: that imaginary, idyllic place of perfection. They say it’s unobtainable, and we’ll always be searching for it, but is that really true? When was a time you experienced a pure Shangri-La moment? A short, but blissful connection with someone at the supermarket? An unexpected, unpredictable journey? A picturesque moment with yourself? Come share your paradisiacal experience with us.

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