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November Storytelling Events!

11 Nov


Tuesday, November 13 @ The Ale House (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Mike DeSocio

Theme: “From Where I Stand”

We all walk around this world with a unique perspective. From where you stand, you see things differently than anyone else. That’s the beauty of life, but it can also be an ingredient for conflict. Tell us about a time you just didn’t see eye to eye with someone. How did you resolve (or not) that conflict? Or, maybe your unique perspective gave you a new idea or opportunity. Where did that lead? Join us in Troy for a night of stories, from where we stand.


Monday, November 19 @ The Olde English Pub (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk

Theme: “Falling”

Why falling? Well, it’s fall. Leaf peeping, pumpkin spice and whatnot. There’s that. And then there is gravity, which left unattended will cause things to fall. But really what we want to get at is that things fall apart.

Mostly we’re trying to keep them together, but then there is that moment when they start falling, coming apart, unravelling in our hands.

This month we explore those moments…