February Events!

16 Feb


Monday, February 18 @ The Olde English Pub (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk

Theme: “The Grass is Greener”

There is always something better – just beyond our reach. Someone, somewhere is living the life you deserve and posting about it on social media! So we make resolutions, decisions, we do things to try to get what they’ve got.

And let’s not forget in these cold, snowy times, that there literally is green grass somewhere… So feel free to tell a story about sunshine and verdant bloomings of nature. That might feel good too.


Tuesday, February 26 @ The Ale House (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Hoel Wiesner
Theme: Love Stories

Theme: “Love Stories”

Ain’t nothin’ better than a good old-fashioned love story. Come share yours. Any kind of love will do. Your childhood love for your blankie, your tween love for that cute boy in math class, the surprising, melting, overwhelming love for a brand-new infant, the all-consuming love of your dog Rufus, the confounding journey towards love for an enemy–all love stories are welcome. On this cold February night, let’s warm ourselves by reminding ourselves what’s best about humanity: our ability to love wildly, passionately, hopelessly, sacrificially, beautifully, and against all odds…


Get Your Tickets Now!!!

for the Eighth Anniversary show at The Linda on March 15th.

Hosted by Gregor Wynnyczuk, the show will feature Front Parlor favorites Carrie Will, Mike DeSocio, Jennifer O’Brien, Ashok Ramasubramanian, and Silvia Meder Lilly – as well as super special guest Jeff Simmermon.

Tickets are $15 and available here.

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