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September Event featuring Matthew Dicks!

30 Aug

Tuesday, September 8 at 7:30pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 822 1476 8671

Passcode: 569993

We’re back in Zoom-land for our September storytelling night. We’ll be hosting an open mic, just like the good-old-days.

Theme: Fed Up — There’s plenty to be frustrated with these days: the pandemic, the politics and the seemingly never-ending stream of bad news. Tell us a story about a time you were fed up, when you just couldn’t take it any more. What did you do, and how did you get through it? 

We’re also so excited to have Matthew Dicks as a featured storyteller, who will follow the open mic by sharing a few stories of his own. Matt is an internationally bestselling author, columnist, blogger, podcaster, playwright, and teacher. He’s a 45-time Moth StorySLAM champion and 6-time Moth GrandSLAM champion. Don’t miss him!