The Front Parlor Series began as the Front Parlor Trojan Storytelling Series, birthed at the Ale House in Troy, NY in February of 2011 by host, curator, and NYC-ex-patriot, Abby Lublin.  As of November 2011, the Series has expanded cross-river, so we’ve dropped the Trojan.  At Front Parlor, tellers volunteer their names in a can, and the MC selects the order at random. (Bribes encouraged.) Tellers share 5-minute, true stories based on a common theme.  Front Parlor also features “Flash Nonfiction”- 1-2 sentence, audience-submitted stories responding to a prompt based on the evening’s theme.  Flash nonfiction is a relatively painless way to share your stories.

It’s fun.

Come share. (But you don’t have to.)  And listen.

One Response to “About”

  1. Jenny Ashok's partner at 12:30 pm #

    Hi. Abby. Just wanted to tell you what a great thing in Ashok’s life this storytelling gathering has been. Thank you! Hope you and yours are well. Jenny L

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