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Saratoga Speaks about “Something New”

11 Jan

Chris, giving the crowd what they want

It’s almost the third Monday of the month, and that means storytelling in Saratoga Springs. If this is the first time you’re hearing about a storytelling night north of Troy, you’re not alone. We may be the small, nerdy, and sometimes gassy younger cousin of Abby’s Front Parlor Series, but we’ve got some crafty tricks up our proverbial sleeve. We know how to hang (as long as you have an open mind when we start going on about that new episode of Dr. Who).

This month we’re welcoming 2012 with stories told around the theme of “something new.” As always, interpret that as you will. Come on over (or up or down – Saratoga’s not THAT far away, and there are no scary hats this time of year) and join us at Virgil’s House, 86 Henry St., downtown behind the Parting Glass and the public library.

The stories begin at 7pm this Monday, January 16th. Hope to see you there!